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Router Ease Guide - Instructions For Use [200K PDF File]


Router Ease Guide - Video [Flash File]

Run the tool off a ¾-inch piece of plywood that is clamped to a workbench or table.
For a standard size Router-Ease Guide, a piece of plywood cut to measure 26 inches wide by 4 feet long clamped to the table makes for an ideal workstation.

  This workstation allows you to square up the project to the Router-Ease Guide
  Offers easy access to clamp the project from both sides
  Provides a firmly secure safe routing operation

Clamp and place along the sides of the project a piece of wood the same thickness as the project you are working on.
This application will secure the material to be routed and prevent tear-out when routing through the edge of the project.

The Router-Ease Guide System:

The Router-Ease Guide works as a double fence guiding system that controls the cut of the router bit. It functions with a router sub-base that rides along the inside of the guide and/or stop arms by providing fixed surfaces that control the cut to be made with the router.

1. Mount the new sub-base onto the router used during the application.

Follow the Router Mounting Instructions enclosed. (If applicable)

The Router-Ease Guide runs off the Gauge Block provided. The Gauge Block is a three-tiered measuring device. It measures the distance from the router-cutting bit to the edge of the sub-base. This measuring block will identify where the router bit will make the cut.

2. Position the Gauge Block on the cutting line.

Work the Router-Ease Guide from the left to the right.

a. Move the Router-Ease Guide until the inside surface of the left guide arm touches the side of the measured Gauge Block. Secure the left guide arm by tightening the left guide arm clamp.

b. To set the right guide arm, reposition the Gauge Block. Position the inside of the right guide arm to the Gauge Block based on where the right side of the cutting line is located.

Oftentimes the required cut is thicker than the diameter of the router bit. The Gauge Block must be used to first position the left guide arm and then used to position the right adjustable guide arm to meet the required cut. Additionally, use the Gauge Block to set up the two stop arms if needed.

A blind dado requires the Gauge Block to be moved three times as the Gauge Block will secure the cut from the left guide arm and the right adjustable guide arm and the one stop arm.

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