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I enjoyed chatting with you at the NWA Showcase last weekend.

I purchased the router-ease guide last year because in the past I had to build fixtures to route shapes within a piece of wood. At the time I was building a cradle that needed an insert to strengthen the end pieces. I used the router-ease to route a rectangular recess. The guide made it possible to make the exact same size cuts in both end pieces. I am very pleased with this jig. Thanks for creating a very useful jig.

3 photos of the end pieces.

Bob, Poughkeepsie, NY

"I must say the Router Ease Guide has made my woodworking life so much easier. From the simplest to the complex, the Router Ease Guide always seems to do the job. From making recessed speaker panels for an amplifier to fluted columns on a fireplace mantel. Quick and accurate! I recently was faced with the challenge of re-facing the kitchen cupboards in an old house. Every door was slightly different. The task of making 20 different jigs, varying in size by less than an inch or so from one another gave me second thoughts of doing the job. I would most likely never use those jigs again and it would probably take longer to make the jigs than it would to actually make the raised panel doors. The Router Ease Guide, so quick and accurate to expand and contract to the exact size of every door dimension. WOW, one jig so many sizes, I was done in no time. Now every one wants to borrow it!" Ross, Worcester, MA

"I have been using the Guide quite a bit lately. It's only the second time I have ever done routing by hand (don't tell anyone). I love it. I needed over 100 holes cut in a piece of 1/2" MDF for this crazy project I'm doing. Some of them as small as 5/8" x 1/2". The accuracy was amazing. " Adam, Cornwall, ON, Canada

“…I love the tool. Not only do I use it for my woodworking applications, it works as well when I’m cutting different types of acrylics, plexiglass, etc…" Ray, Portsmouth, RI

“…I bought a larger version of the Router-Ease Guide. It works well in my custom cabinetry company…it’s great when cutting out the opening for kitchen sinks and bathroom basins…it works well on all kind of surfaces, wood, laminate, Corian®, etc.…” Jim, Mattapoisett, MA

“…We have been using the guide for the first real applications…We are cutting sliding dovetails. I find it works good to keep the students from running off the fence as they feed into the panels. We have found your website quite helpful for info on setting it up…” Furniture and Cabinetmaking Instructor, North Carolina

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